STEM Spotlight with Jeremy Blair

Assistant professor in the Lamar Dodd School of Art, Jeremy Blair teaches STEM subjects through art. STE[A]M can revolutionize student learning and STEM education.

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STEM Spotlight with Dr. Tessa Andrews

Assistant Professor in the Department of Genetics, Dr. Andrews researches how active learning impacts Biology students.

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STEM Spotlight with Dr. Susanne Ullrich

Associate Professor of Physics Susanne Ullrich shares her research, teaching, and hosting experience for "Flashes and Bangs Science Shows" for local middle schoolers.

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STEM Spotlight with Dr. Tina Salguero

Assistant Chemistry Professor Tina Salguero discusses her academic career and research on nanomaterials.

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Events and Announcements

Review: Fourth Annual UGA STEM Institute on Teaching and Learning

The 2015 UGA STEM Institute on Teaching and Learning was a success. You can read about the presenters and discussions in this article.

Read the abbreviated event agenda here. Read the full agenda here.

Learning Community Facilitators:

A completed work plan must be submitted to the OSE after your first LC meeting. Click here for the template.

Click here for the 2014-15 budget template.

Funding Opportunities

Awards To Be Announced

The 2014-15 STEM mini-grants have been announced. Please click here for the recipient and awards.

More Projects and Partners

The UGA Office of STEM Education (OSE) serves University professors and K-12 teachers to improve the teaching and learning of STEM discplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). With generous support from the University System of Georgia Board of Regents (USG-BOR) and the UGA administration, the OSE supplies research mini-grants, supports STEM Learning Communities, provides letters of support to faculty, and promotes STEM fields to undergraduates and K-12 students. The OSE provides this support to boost learning initiatives, recruit more students, and improve student retention in STEM majors.

Read more about the Office of STEM Education