PLAdawgs - peer learning assistants

 A peer learning assistant is an undergraduate who supports an active learning course course, which they previously completed with a high degree of success. It is a high impact instructional program that involves undergraduates supporting their peers in the classroom.  Click to discover more about peer learning assistants.

The PLAdawgs Program is now planning for Fall 2020

The PLAdawgs Program is now planning for Fall 2020. We have revised, improved, and harmonized our ongoing peer learning assistants program and bolstered our efforts by including robust assessment. The elements and strategies defining the PLAdawg program are available at:

Click here for a complete description of the PLAdawgs Program (PDF)

The Fall 2020 semester participation is limited to STEM faculty teaching 1000- and/or 2000-level STEM gateway courses. We hope to expand participation in later semesters as the program grows.