2019 STEM Institute

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We all need to be entrepreneurs – as students, faculty and staff, and alumni we must design our careers, change teaching, and bring products to market.  The fact that the University of Georgia ranked first among for the number of commercial products reaching the market in 2017 shows that the UGA innovation ecosystem is strong. However, just as we’ve worked hard to make STEM more inclusive of our community, UGA innovators—and the people who support them—must ensure that innovation and entrepreneurship are taught and practiced by all!

Imagine the benefit of an entrepreneurial mindset to our students if they know they are in charge of their career and are making the plans, organizing the resources, and 

Imagine the benefit of an entrepreneurial mindset to our faculty member who know their teaching innovation could help others and that they have the tools to deliver.

Imagine the benefit of an entrepreneurial mindset to our researchers who can see the benefit and need for their work beyond the laboratory

Imagine the benefit of an entrepreneurial mindset to our…

Join us in a workshop to help chart a course for entrepreneurship and innovation at UGA that is inclusive of all aspects of our community. We want the entrepreneurs, but we also want the people who will help those entrepreneurs succeed.  We seek to bring together leaders from campus to understand what is being done, what could be done, and plan a collective vision for the next year If you work to support innovation in your unit—or if you are innovator yourself in search of your next opportunity—we need your voice in this discussion.

Working agenda, registration coming soon! 
This symposium is organized by the UGA Office of STEM Education and the UGA Office of Research

Contact Tim Burg, UGA Director of STEM Education, tburg@uga.edu