CHEM 1312/1412 - Dr. Chuck Kutal

Chemistry 1312/1412 with Dr. Kutal will be supported by 12 new PLAs during spring 2017. These students will assist graduate TAs in the lab. In addition to time spent assisting peer undergraduate students, the PLAs participate in a weekly, one hour pedagogy course, where they are joined by PLAs from other STEM disciplines to develop their mentoring skills.

Dr. Kutal is pioneering a scalable model wherein PLAs participate in a 1-credit-hour pedagogy course as well as a 2-credit-hour practicum course, earning a total of 3 credits hours of upper level coursework for their participation. A new, interdisciplinary pedagogy course was approved to begin spring 2017, FCID 3100. This pedagogy course is open to PLAs from any discipline. Additionally, a content-specific practicum course (CHEM 3700) has been approved which will allow Chemistry PLAs to earn 2 hours of credit for their time spent in the classroom. This model may potentially be leveraged to satisfy experiential learning requirements as well.

View the New Course Application and Pedagogy Outline HERE.

View the New Practicum Course Application HERE.