MATH 2250 - Adams; Benim; Iliev

Beginning in spring semester 2017, six sections of MATH 2250 (Calc 1) will be bolstered by Peer Learning Assistants (PLAs). Drs. Adams, Benim, and Iliev each work with two PLAs in their instructional approach. These sections are part of an intensive model, wherin students attend class five days per week. The three faculty members are collaborating in terms of how to best implement the PLA-supported instruction. Generally, one of the five weekly sessions is led primarily by the PLAs, who work with groups of students on problem solving. PLAs also attend other class meeting during the week. Each class of 19 students is assisted by two PLAs. The 12 PLAs for MATH2250 are compensated for their time in the classroom. Additionally, they join PLAs from other disciplines in FCID3100, a one-hour course that meets once a week to provide training and skill development for these mentors.