CSCI 1301 - Dr. Brad Barnes

Building upon solid results during fall 2016, Dr. Barnes is continuing to offer one section of CSCI1301 with support from Peer Learning Assistants. Three PLAs work with students during class meetings in a SCALE-UP classroom and fully flipped instructional approach. The PLAs also assist graduate TAs in lab sessions. Beginning this semester, PLAs for CSCI are taking the one-hour FCID3100 pedagogy training course, where they strengthen their mentoring skills alongside PLAs from other disciplines.

CSCI spring 2017 Peer Learning Assistants

During Fall 2016, one section of CSCI was offered with PLA support in one of the new SCALE-UP classrooms in the new SLC. Three PLAs supported the course, attending class meetings as well as labs. CSCI PLAs were paid for their service, and their job duties included participation in pedagogy training delivered primarily online. They did not receive any course credit for their experience.

PLAs for CSCI 1301 Fall 2016

Computer Science PLAs for Fall 2016

Pedagogy course on eLC

CSCI PLAs participated in pedagogy training delivered primarily via eLC. Beginning spring 2017, CSCI PLAs participate in FCID3100 for pedagogy training.

Fall 2016

Beginning in fall semester 2016, one section of CSCI 1301 will be offered in one of the SLC's new SCALE-UP classrooms. This learning environment can accommodate 72 students. In addition to the new environment, this class will be supported by Peer Learning Assistants. Students in small groups will collaborate at round tables, with each PLA circulating between a few tables providing guidance and support during discussions and exercises. PLAs will also contribute support to lab sections for this course. Having already successfully completed this course themselves, the PLAs will be able to offer their mastery to new students. In addition to supporting the CSCI 1301 lectures and labs, the PLAs will also participate in training elements designed to increase their understanding of pedagogy and fundamentals of learning. PLAs for this course will be compensated for their time.

PLA Program

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